Mar 12

March 12, 2014


The cost of happiness

This story exists in many cultures in different ways. A good friend of mine often use to tell me this over and over again at different occasions and every time I enjoyed listening to it: Once upon a time there was a European tourist who went to explore the jungles of India. One day, deep inside a jungle near a riverbank he saw a small cottage. The tourist was amazed to discover that someone could live so isolated in the…

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Feb 17

February 17, 2014


Create your dreams

No one forces you to believe the lies of social acceptance in this world. The reason there is so little creativity and acknowledged genius is because the majority of people choose to believe the falsehood that they must forge out a living in the mainstream and,therefore they have no TIME to live and create their dreams. -excerpt from the book ‘Zen O’clock. Time to be.’ by Scott Shaw.

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Feb 16

February 16, 2014


Love…give space

The best gift lovers can give to one another is space…space to be. Be in silence and let the other be and feel free to express him/herself. The relationship will then be the platform to growth.

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Feb 14

February 14, 2014



Silence is the fertile soil for love to blossom.

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Feb 8

February 8, 2014


Who am I?

There was a little polar bear who asked his mother, ” Was my daddy also a polar bear?” “Of course your daddy was a polar bear.” “But,” goes on the little one after a while, “Mommy, just tell me, was my grandfather also a polar bear?” “Yes, he was also a polar bear.” Time goes by and the little one keeps asking his mother, “But what about my great-grandfather? Was he a polar bear as well?” “Yes, he was. But…

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Feb 6

February 6, 2014

The eye of the cyclone

The eye of the cyclone

Have you ever noticed the calmness felt while watching the the wind and rain during a cyclone,in the moment of observing and watching before any judgmental thought comes in? We are solely being watchful. The same can be done when one is in the storm of thoughts and emotions…Just go in the background to the center which surrounded by all this turmoil and watch. Silence is already there. Then,what follows won’t be a reaction from the confusion but a response…

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Feb 2

February 2, 2014



To live a life fully lies in being creative, letting creativity happen through you at this moment brings happiness here now…let your uniqueness blossom!

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Jan 31

January 31, 2014



Your energy is engaged in occupation. Your mind is thinking, your body is working, you are occupied. Your whole energy is moving in activity, is being dissipated into the world. When you think, you are dissipating energy; each thought takes energy, needs energy. You are continuously thinking and dissipating energy for nothing — just dissipating energy. Activity needs energy, and your infinite source of energy is continuously being dissipated. You are leaking from everywhere. That’s why you feel so weak, so…

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